Tour Enduro Italy offers you all the necessary for your motorcycle holiday, giving you our experience and our business.
The following describes some basic offers customizable for every need: number of days, number of people, deals in farm with an available cook, guided tours in the Apennine and in the park, more guides available for big and inhomogeneous groups, possibility to rent motorcycles, wellness centre and spa with massage therapist etc.

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6 Days Tour


3 Days Tour


5 Days Tour


* Offers may vary based on the number of riders and the period


Enduro Tours are designed according your needs and requests, however we will evaluate your experience and consequently the routs to you more suitable.

You will find guides available during all your permanency, with great experience on the territory and who you will never have to wait, with 20 years Enduro tours experience.

Tours are off 90% off-road with short asphalt tracts, during outings we can change in every moment for more or less difficult trails or for the return, also, in case of failures, our mechanically competent guides will help you, or you will be rescued within rescue vehicles all time available.

During tours you will stop to refuel and to lunch, you could lunch in restaurants, in typical mountain towns and taste flavors of the area, or in bar for a quickly sandwich and restarting.

Tours are from a few hours to the whole day, from 20 to 200 km for all rider levels

We have the possibility to guide you in every new trails, in very different environment types due to the nature and due to the great spaces that are available to us.