What we offer is completely available in the farm, that permit us a great versatility, making our offer unique!!!
We can offer you the best for an unforgettable holiday,
off-road characterized.

5 Villas and SPA

5 villas with every type of accommodation, entire villa and every dimension of apartment, big halls for groups and single rooms, adapting to every type of requests, friend groups, families, single pilots, conferences, meetings…

In the apartments there are kitchens and dishes and everything you need, big halls for groups in each villa with professional kitchen that you can use it on your own or with the available cook.

Under request is possible to use the Wellness Centre with Turkish bath, sauna, hydromassage, gym and massage room.

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The Park


300 hectares Park completely fenced , with inside it the 5 villas where we host, the spa, enduro equipped area with taped path, rout with river and muletracks, assistance area and motorcycles washing.

The endure tours with guide are performed out the park, and motorcycles must be comply with the traffic rules, inside the park is possible to ride when the motorcycle is not up to standard.

In the park also for who stays (family, friends, relatives) 5 pools, horse riding, MTB, SPA, trekking trails and animal watching;

Moreover the Upper Tiber valley offers a wide choice of routes: artistic, cultural, religious, naturalistic, gastronomic and you can go quickly in a lot of places with a great historic and artistic interest: Arezzo, Cortona, Florence, Siena, Perugia, Gubbio, San Marino, Urbino…


In the Farm we are organized with everything you need to essentials repairing, mechanic garage available, motorcycle washing with pressure washer, motorcycle shelter area, possibility to refuel on the farm.

There are also available equipped vehicles like van and jeep to recover in case of failures or any problem.

There are shops for spare parts, accessories, and technical clothes.

In every case we recommend motorcycles in working order so as not slow down you and others, with a little spare parts for the tours.

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